Safety for Computer Server Racks and Cabinets

By | 29th August 2016

Server contains crucial business data; therefore, it is quite pertinent that companies protect it a lot using various types of server racks or server cabinets. From even ordinary management point of view, it is important to protect server from outside elements and place it in secludePictured place in the premises. On other hand, from disaster recovery standpoint, it is quite crucial to protect the server from fire, flood and various other natural disasters; this can be done only when fireproof and waterproof server racks or server cabinets are used.

Generally, server racks are designed to hold items and contain two-post or four-post frames, depending upon specific requirement. Thus, a frame used to put server components; server racks have seen tremendous changes over the years. Today, most of the server racks are designed to hold the servers and also to cool them down by allowing air to flow in. Flow in of air is from front-to-back direction helps server cool down. Depending upon server’s size, the availability of space, etc. server racks come in various shapes and sizes and in various price tags.

Protection should also be provided to computers using computer cabinets that are made using waterproof and fireproof materials for it contains vital business data, proprietary research and critical digital data that is crucial for any organization. Though fireproof hard drive or network attached storage server can be considered strategically well established options, only waterproof and fireproof computer cabinets can save it from any disaster.

If there is no need for a full server rack or cabinet, it is lot better to have a wall mount rack or wall mount cabinet which can be either enclosed or open. These are considered ideal when there is lack of space e.g. wall mount rack conserves space and helps save money. Moreover, as these come in varied sizes, heights, depths and models, customers have plenty of choices to select from. These in fact, can be put anywhere e.g. server room, tight closet, over-the-desk, classroom environment, supervisor area or warehouse, etc.

Protecting computer systems and associated components e.g. telecommunications and storage systems, a data center plays crucial role in modern day corporate functioning; therefore, steps should be made towards buying durable and higher quality data centre that gives protection to redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls such as AC, fire suppression, etc. Similarly, racks cabinets offer a variety of power options to accommodate high density deployments of servers, blades and storage systems.