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CompTIA A+

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✔ Configure and apply BIOS settings for installed components
✔ Configuration of the BIOS boot sequence, devices, date/time and clock speeds
✔ Configuration of the BIOS boot for diagnostic of temperature and fan speeds monitoring
✔ Differentiate between the different case types such as ATX, Micro ATX, ITX etc
✔ Differentiate between the different expansion slots such as PCI, PCI-X, AGP etc.
✔ Locate the jumper switch and understand its relationship with the CMOS
✔ Locate the Northbridge, Southbridge, CMOS battery and expansion slots
✔ Locate and identify the different power connections and where it connects
✔Compare and contrast RAM types, their pin differences, bus speed and clock speed
✔ Install and configure expansion cards such as the soundcard, video card and NIC
✔ Install and configure plug & play peripheral devices such as the mouse and keyboard
✔ Understand the limitations of a mechanical Hard Disk Drive
✔ Understand the difference between a Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive
✔ Understand the function of a RAID controller and its limitations
✔ Understand how to configure a HDD in RAID and its advantages and limitations
✔ Differentiate between Socket type such as AM2, AM3, and LGA 775
✔ Processor characteristics such as the clock speed, core and cache
✔ The distinction between a physical core and Hyper Threading Technology
✔ Procedure for anti-static and general health & safety
✔ Awareness of the different operating systems and their advantages and disadvantages
✔ Enhancing system security through encryption and passwords
✔ Troubleshooting common hardware and software problems

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