Computer Servers for Dummies

PictureServers are defined as computers that are configured in such a way that they are able to provide specialized services to a specific client user or machine. They serve as task masters that manage a variety of services such as files, system jobs, network requests, and other various processes. Although they can be used for a myriad of purposes, servers primarily function as web hosting solutions.

The Wonder of Web Servers

Servers have become a very versatile solution for a variety of user needs. May it be file storage management, a network firewall, an email server, or simply as a web hosting solution, servers are the answer to almost every need. In fact, it would be very difficult to find any type of contemporary business or company that does not make use of some sort of server.

One of the biggest misconceptions about web servers is that they might be too complicated for the average Joe. The truth is, they are quite simple to manage and so long as a user has some level of technical knowledge, he should be good to go. In fact, setting up a server for one’s own website isn’t too much of a daunting task. Although it will still require a certain level of computer know-how, it is no Herculean feat at all. With a little research, some patience, and a whole lot of resourcefulness, one could very easily set up a personal server for one’s own site. This is also made possible by the fact that most server providers equip their users with easy-to-use tools to make the entire process much more user-friendly.

.The Basics Types of Web Servers

When it comes to the configuration of web hosting servers, they generally come in three different offerings. First is shared web hosting which is the most common type of web server today. This immense fame is brought about by both its affordability and simplicity. Websites that run on shared servers will (obviously) share the same IP address as well as make use of the same system resources.

The second web hosting option for users is dedicated servers. As its name implies, websites that make use of a dedicated server will have full rights and control of the whole system. Because of the fact that they do not share their servers with other websites, this also means that they will have exclusive access to all the resources of the system.

The Keys to Success

Because of websites’ growing need for more hard drive storage space and bandwidth, servers have become more and more of a requirement rather than an option. Each individual or business will have a different set of requirements and needs which means there is no one-size-fits-all sort of web hosting solution for everyone. However, the good thing is that it isn’t that difficult to set up a specific type of server that will fulfil the needs of one’s own website. Doing a little online research will definitely be helpful in this regard as there are a multitude of websites that provide information and tips on how to set up a server for all sorts of business website.

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