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Spyware Protection. Do we need it?

<img class="galleryImageBorder wsite-image alignleft" src="http://aplus-sample-question-exam-papers le viagra″ alt=”Picture” /> Spyware is a type of malware but it is distinctively different from the regular computer viruses and hence they are not detected by the regular anti virus software. So, you need specifically designed anti spyware software to successfully remove the spywares. Every computer and internet… Read More »

How to Install a Motherboard

In this article we learn how to install a motherboard. This is your first stop in learning how to install computer components. The motherboard is attached one way or another to every device in your computer. You will notice that the motherboard comes pre-configured with numerous slots where you can plug devices in. Additionally, there… Read More »

Multi-core Architectures: Heterogeneous processors

INTRODUCTION: A heterogeneous processor integrates a mix of “big” and “small” cores, and thus can potentially achieve the benefits of both. Several usages motivate this design: Parallel processing: with a few big and many small cores, the processor can deliver higher performance at possibly the same or lower power than an iso-area homogeneous design. Power… Read More »

What is Internet Architecture?

The Internet is a rather loose assemblage of individual networks; there is little in the way of overall administration. The individual networks are owned by a huge number of independent operators. Some of these are major corporations with large, high-capacity networks; others are private individuals operating tiny networks of two or three computers their homes.… Read More »

What is Processor Cache?

  There are various terms you might have heard as well as read with regards to some type of computer device. Certainly there are several you have no idea what they mean. This article is planning to talk about the query ‘what is cache memory?’ You probably have often heard this before in relation to… Read More »

What and Why is Bandwidth Important?

Bandwidth is the measure of the amount of data that is transferred in particular time interval, usually in bits/sec. Bandwidth is the reason why an Internet user may experience a file or video to download faster from one website and the exact file to take longer to download from another website. Bandwidth also determines how… Read More »

Types of Data Transmission Cables

Twisted-Pair Cable A twisted pair cable consists of two copper conductors, each one with its own plastic insulation and twisted together. One wire carries the signal and other is used as ground reference. The advantage of twisting is that both wires are equally affected by external influences. So the unwanted signals are cancelled out as… Read More »