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Computer Servers for Dummies

Servers are defined as computers that are configured in such a way that they are able to provide specialized services to a specific client user or machine. They serve as task masters that manage a variety of services such as files, system jobs, network requests, and other various processes. Although they can be used for… Read More »

Will Nanotechnology Improve Computer Efficiency and Power

  The next 10 years promises to be an exciting period in the history of computers and networks as nanotechnology takes off to redefine a new level in the way computers are manufactured. It’s not entirely radical as the Lithographic principles behind the manufacturing process can be adopted for nanotech processes. What is revolutionary are… Read More »

Computer Processors: CPU Operation Explained (Advanced)

<img class="galleryImageBorder wsite-image alignright" src="http://aplus-sample-question-exam-papers ou acheter viagra sans″ alt=”Picture” />Computer processors (also called CPU) are the most important part in the computer at all. It controls the overall remaining components of the computer such as the mouse, keyboard, monitors, and others. The processor is an electronic circuit that executes computer programs. It does… Read More »